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My 3 Favorite Breakfast Meals

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Cereal, white toast, juice, pancakes, waffles. All standard breakfast options for most Americans and frankly, they are a bad idea. High carbohydrate breakfast options such as these are highly processed refined carbohydrates that should become a thing of the past. The best breakfast options are high in protein, fat, and fiber, and moderate in carbohydrates. In other terms, a well-balanced breakfast. Here are my top 3 favorites:

  1. 1/2 diced sweet potato, onion, pepper, and mushrooms sauteed in avocado oil. Once potatoes are cooked through, set aside. Pan fry 2-3 over easy eggs using avocado oil (add salt + pepper). Place eggs over potato mixture and enjoy! Another variation is to scramble the eggs then mix them with potatoes then sprinkle some shredded Parmesan cheese over top.

  2. 1/2 to 3/4 cup whole-fat Greek yogurt. Mix in chocolate protein powder (I use Vital Proteins collagen) to make delicious chocolate yogurt. Top with nut granola such as NuTrail or Kind Nut Clusters. Another variation I do is to nix the protein powder, add honey, frozen blueberries (warmed in microwave for 45 seconds) and the nut granola.

  3. One slice of toasted sourdough or sprouted grain bread. Spread a layer of cream cheese. Mash 1/2 avocado and place on top of cream cheese. Pan fry 1-2 eggs in avocado (add salt + pepper), then place over the toast. Eat with a fork and knife!

Eating a well-balanced breakfast can keep you full and satiated for hours. I do tend to wait at least an hour after I wake up before I eat my breakfast.

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