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Hi. I'm Meghan. I've been a registered dietitian for 13 years. I'm a nutrition counselor. I work with clients to help them meet their nutrition goals. For some, it might mean improving their health and weight for fertility. For others, it might mean helping their child with picky eating or finding alternatives on a food allergy restricted diet. For others still, it might mean achieving optimal health for athletic performance or learning how to manage blood pressure or improving gut health to relieve painful GI symptoms.  At the root of it all, is the client. You. It is about finding your individual path to health and wellness. What works for you may not work for others and that is where I come in. I'm a guide, an educator, and most importantly a problem-solver. Now, I don't have all the answers to your nutrition and health problems, but my skill is working with you to help you solve those problems. I've changed a lot over 13 years and I hope to always embrace change in the future. I'm not tied to the old or the new nutrition dogma and I know we are learning more about nutrition each day. With all the conflicting nutrition information out there, I help you find your groove and tune out the rest.  When you work with me you will not get the guideline driven, one size fits all approach to your needs. We find the YOU approach to your needs.

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It is my mission to help people achieve health and nutrition goals in a real and sustainable way. YOU are the center of nutrition counseling and WE work together to find what works for you. Nutrition counseling is a process. We start by setting basic goals and over time layer and build on those goals.


My vision is to be part of a REAL preventative healthcare system NOT one that only puts a bandage on the problem.

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