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Meghan Murphy MBA, RDN

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Meghan Murphy MBA, RDN, LDN

Hi! I'm Meghan. I have been a dietitian for 12 years. When my daughter was 10 months old, she was diagnosed with multiple food allergies (egg, peanut, tree nut, and cow's milk). The day she was diagnosed, I nearly lost my mind, wondering what on earth I would feed her for dinner that evening. Even with my background as a dietitian, I felt completely lost. Since that frightening day, I've become a mom expert at handling food allergies in and out of my home. Over the years, I've felt called to help parents of children with food allergies and adults with food allergies. After completing a Certificate of Training in Pediatric Food Allergies from Food Allergy, Research, and Education (FARE), and over 75+ hours of food allergy continuing education, I am writing a book on managing food allergies, and started nutrition counseling for parents, children, and adults with food allergies. I also work with IBS/FODMAPs, weight loss, weight gain, fertility, PCOS, pregnancy/postnatal, breastfeeding, infant/toddler/child nutrition, picky eating, heart health, low vegetable (seed) oil diets, low carb diets, and low inflammation diet.


What I Do


Help parents feel good about their child's overall nutrition, growth, feeding milestones, healthy eating behaviors, and mending picky eating behvaiors.


Help adults with food allergies develop a nutritionally balanced diet and to help them feel confident their body has the nutrients it needs.


Advise on allergen-specific ingredient avoidance, safe food preparation, cleaning, eating out, childcare/school settings, dating, college living, and travel.


I do other things too! I work with IBS/FODMAPs, pregnancy/postnatal, infant/toddler/child nutrition, picky eating, breastfeeding, PCOS, and fertility.


I love to work with people trying to eat healthier, improve metabolic health, and lose weight. I promote a high fat, moderate to low carbohydrate, moderate protein, minimal vegetable oil eating.

How Can I Help You?

Online Services

Outdoor Snack

Initial Nutrition Consult $155

During this session, we will get to know each other and your (or your child's) specific nutrition needs. You will leave the session with actionable and specific goals to help you start your journey. Session length: 55-75 minutes.

Healthy Diet

Nutrition Follow-Up

55 Min-$95 or 30 Min-$55

During this session, we will continue progress on your nutrition journey by talking, celebrating successes, pivoting, and problem-solving barriers. By the end of the session, you will have additional or revised nutrition goals. Bundle 3 follow-ups for a discount.

Food Blogger

Things you should know:

You should have a food allergy diagnosis from an allergist prior to working with me. I do not diagnose or help diagnose food allergies.

I do not help reintroduce allergenic foods into the diet. This should be done with your allergist.

If you have food intolerance (not food allergies), I can help you eliminate/identify food triggers (such as those associated with IBS and FODMAPS).

I do not promote a solely plant-based diet unless food intolerance or allergy makes it necessary to use alternative foods.

I do not promote low-fat dairy, low saturated fat diet or avoiding animal protein.

All appointments are telehealth appointments.

Payment must be made prior to the appointment.

Please note, I do not accept insurance at this time.